Compact excavators

Our hydraulic pin grabber quick coupler is made of heavy-duty steel and is equipped with a dual safety system in case of hydraulic failure. With the sliding jaw design, the GRYB pin grabber quick coupler can fit multiple pin centers, allowing it to grab easily various OEM attachments. 

  • Dual safety system
  • Compatible with multiple types of attachments.
  • Maximizes the efficiency of your attachments.

Product Specifications

How the double safety works

From the cab, you can visually see when the quick coupler is locked in place, thus ensuring the bucket won't fall. This is done by the cylinder moving on top of the front pin. Before the operator can disconnect, the GRYB hydraulic pin grabber quick coupler requires the system pressure against the integrated lock valve. This feature reduces the likelihood of releasing your attachment unexpectedly because of the full-system pressure requirement before hydraulic oil flows to the pin grabber quick coupler's cylinder. The upgraded two-stage control protects the operator from bumping the wrong switch in the cab. The in-cab control features two buttons: the first requires the operator to press and hold down for two seconds, then at the same time, press the second button. This reverses the hydraulic flow to release the attachment.



Machine Weight (tons)

Weight (lb)

Front Pin Diameter (mm)

Locking Type

Locking System

PMB015 15 1.5 to 2.2 30 30 Pin Mechanical
PGG035-035 35 2.3 to 3.9 85 35 Sliding jaw Mec. or Hydr.
PGG040-035 35 2.3 to 3.9 100 40 Sliding jaw Mec. or Hydr.
PGG045-050 50 4 to 5.9 160 45 Sliding jaw Mec. or Hydr.
PGG050-050 50 4 to 5.9 165 50 Sliding jaw Mec. or Hydr.
PGG045-075 75 6 to 9.9 225 45 Sliding jaw Mec. or Hydr.
PGG050-075 75 6 to 9.9 225 50 Sliding jaw Mec. or Hydr.
PGG055-075 75 6 to 9.9 230 55 Sliding jaw Mec. or Hydr.
PGG060-075 75 6 to 9.9 250 60 Sliding jaw Mec. or Hydr.

Compact excavators from 3.5 to 9.9 tons.

Available with hydraulic or mechanical systems.

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